preparing your face before shaving

Pre-shave oils provide a protective lubricant layer to allow a smoother and less irritable shave. Apply after washing face with comfortably hot water.

Building Lather Before A Shave

Next, use a quality shaving cream, soap or gel. Soaps and tub creams require a brush to lather while gels and tube creams can be applied using your hands.

Straight Razor Safety Razors

Ensure you're using a sharp blade and dip it in hot water. Use short 1 - 2 inch strokes going with the grain. To experience a closer shave, re-lather and shave against the grain.

Mens After Shave

Depending on your skin type you'll want to use either a moisturizer or a toner. Moisturizers are used for those with dry skin while toners should be used for oily skin. Both should be applied to a dry face.

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